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Who are we?

First real estate agency specialist in the Franco-Asian market.

Our team consists of professionals from France and Asia. We accompany you whatever your project: search for property to rent or buy, put on sale and estimate your property.

A community of actors

Imodia is a network of professionals who supports people, especially those of foreign origin, in their efforts (translators, lawyers, architects, geometricians ...)

An Intermediary that makes you save money

Imodia puts you in contact with all building professionals (cleaning staff, plumbers, electricians, masons ...) and this at the lowest rates on the market.

An International Real Estate Market

Located in France, in Asia and now in India, Imodia is an international network, which allows you to increase your chances in your search for tenants, buyers, sellers ...

Why buy / sell your home with Imodia?

Buying a home, whether it's your main home, a secondary home or a rental investment, is an action that requires time, attention and knowledge.

The Imodia Network puts at your service the skills of a real estate professional on whom you can rely at every step of the transaction and for the estimation of your property.

Messages from our customers

"I thank the Imodia team who helped me find an apartment quickly"

Marine CEREZEAU, young worker

"불어가 안되서 집찾기 너무 힘들었는데 Imodia 가 처음부터 끝까지 다 도와주셔서 지금은 예쁜집에 살고있습니다"

Haeri KIM, student at the AAA


WANG Yuan, student at  Cordon Bleu School



13 rue Poirier de Narçay

75014 PARIS

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